the pasture

MARCH 20-21


And on that farm, he had a beef cow.

Feeding Beef Cattle

Beef cattle will often be found on pastures where they can forage on grasses and other plants.

However, other nutrients are supplemented to these animals such as salt, mineral, vitamins and grains to ensure they are growing up healthy!

Types of Beef Farms

Cow-Calf: Taking care of a permanent herd of cattle who are raised to produce calves that will be sold later.

Backgrounding: Raising cattle from the time they are weaned until they are ready for the feedlot.

Feedlot: Growing cattle until they are market weight. Includes special focus of helping the cattle gain muscle and body fat.

What do beef cattle produce?

• Meat
• Leather
• Insulin
• Soap
• And much more!

Beef Cattle vs Dairy Cattle

Beef cattle and dairy cattle are the same species, however there are some important differences:

• They include different breeds of cattle (just like there are different breeds of dogs!)
• Beef cattle are raised for meat while dairy cattle are raised for milk
• Beef cattle were selected to grow quickly by developing muscle and fat
• Dairy cows are leaner because their energy goes towards producing milk instead of developing muscle and fat
• While dairy cattle split their time between barn and pasture, beef cattle are almost always on pasture

Fun Fact

Cattle move their jaws more than 40,000 times a day.

Popular Beef Breeds

• Angus
• Charolais
• Gelbvieh
• Hereford
• Limousin
• Shorthorn
• Simmental