the horse stable

MARCH 20-21


And on that farm, he had a horse.

What are horses used for?

Draft Horses
These horses are used to pull materials. They have been used in many industries including farming, logging and even recreational (such as horse drawn carriages)

On the farm, horses can be used for many purposes. They can be used to move cattle, they can be used as draft horses, they can be used to graze pastures and so much more.

Horses have been used for entertainment for a long time. This can include horse racing, rodeos, circuses, movies and more!

Many people buy horses as pets! They either keep them at their own farm or board them.

Key Terms

Foal: A horse who is less than 1 year old

Yearling: A horse that is between 1 and 2 years old

Colt: A male horse who is younger than 4 years old

Filly: A female horse who is younger than 4 years old

Mare: A female horse who is four years old, or older

Stallion: An intact male horse who is four years old, or older

Gelding: A castrated male horse

fun fact

Horses sleep standing up!

Horse Measurements

Horses are measured using a unit called hands. 1 hand is about 10 cm. These measurements go from their hooves up to their withers, which is where their neck meets their back.