the chicken coop

MARCH 20-21


And on that farm, he had a hen.


Poultry is a broad term for many types
of domesticated birds including:

• Chickens
• Turkeys
• Ducks
• Quail
• Ostriches
• Geese

fun fact

Modern laying hens will lay an egg almost
every day!

Biosecurity in Poultry Barns

  • All farms have a biosecurity plan
  • Include signage at access points to the farm to discourage unauthorized entry
  • Poultry barns limit the number of people who can come to the barn, and visitors to the barn need to sign a logbook
  • Avoid contact with other birds, including wild birds, before going to a poultry barn
  • Special clothing and footwear should be used in the barn
  • Inspect the birds daily to monitor for any signs of sickness or problems in the barn
  • Wash your hands and shower after being inside a poultry barn
  • Limit the number of vehicles entering the farm

Broilers versus Layers

What is a broiler chicken?
Broiler chickens are raised for meat. These birds have been chosen to be fast growing and to eat a lot!

What is a layer chicken?
Layer chickens have been selected to lay lots of eggs. These birds have special bones that allow them to use lots of calcium for egg production.

What is a dual-purpose chicken?
Dual-purpose chickens can be used for eggs and/or meat.