Mystery Animal

MARCH 20-21


The 2021 College Royal’s Mystery Animal is …


Mystery animal reveal


  • Bison are migratory animals – they migrate south in the winter and move back north in the spring. 
  • Bison are a near endangered species.
  • Bison are very fast animals despite weighing anywhere from 930lbs-2,200lbs they can run up to 55 kilometres an hour! 
  • Their sense of smell is so strong that they can smell an animal three kilometres away! 
  • Bison are excellent swimmers but are so buoyant that their head, hump and tail stay above the surface of the water!


  • Bison are huge, aggressive, powerful bovine mammals. They have solid muscular heads and necks that are covered with brown shaggy fur. 
  • Both males and females have sharp, curved horns in order to defend themselves against predators. 
  • Bison have humped shoulders and short legs. However, they stand at around 6.6 feet tall. Males are typically larger than females. 
  • During the winter bison have a thick dark brown coat. They shed their winter coat in the summer into a lighter brown colour. 
  • Bison have poor eye site, however, have incredible hearing and sense of smell.
  • Nearly all the nutritional needs of bison can be met through grazing perennial grasses that are grown in the agricultural regions of Canada!
    • Supplemental hay and grain are often fed to bison in the winter.
  • Bison are naturally hardy and require less intensive management than other livestock animals such as cattle.
    • They are well adapted for extreme weather conditions such as Canadian winters due to their thick hair coat!
    • They also can adapt their water requirements in the winter and obtain it through snow.
  • Bison are highly sustainable livestock and agriculture because
    • They require less inputs than any other form of agriculture
    • They leave a minimal footprint on the natural environment

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