Horse Show

MARCH 20-21



Each year, College Royal puts on a horse show. Participants learn how to properly handle and show horses on the ground. The virtual horse show will show you what you need and how to show a horse. Included will be things needed to show and videos of how to groom and show horses. The virtual horse show will also feature a video teaching all about a horse’s anatomy, as well as a printable photo to test your knowledge!

Grooming Essentials

Grooming horses is always needed to make sure your horse is looking their best on show day! To groom your horse, you will need:


  • Curry Comb
  • Dandy Brush
  • Body Brush
  • Face Brush
  • Hoof Pick
  • Mane and Tail Brush
  • Sweat Scraper

The curry comb is used to loosen up any dirt and grime stuck under the coat. You generally move in a circular motion around the body of the horse. Next you use a dandy brush. Use short, flicking strokes to get dirt out from your horse’s hair. A body brush is used all over the horse’s body to smooth out the coat and get a nice shine. Hoof picks are used to clean out any rocks, dirt, or other debris that is located around the frog. A mane and tail brush is used the same way as a human brush! Use this brush to get out any tangles that may be present in your horse’s hair, to make sure they always look (and feel!) their best. A sweat scraper is always a good idea, it can be used to get excess water off after a bath or remove sweat on extra hot days! Of course, you will always need a grooming tote to store all of your brushes.

Showmanship Checklist

For the handler:


  • Boot cut jeans or dress pants
  • Cowboy hat
  • Dress shirt
  • Cowboy boots

Showmanship Checklist

For the horse:


  • Plated halter
  • Leather lead rope with chain

Common rider attire in showmanship classes includes bootcut jeans or dress pants, a cowboy hat, a dress shirt, and cowboy boots. If the handler has long hair, it is generally tied back to look as neat as possible (we don’t want any loose hairs falling in our face!). Pictured are three different shirt options one might wear in a showmanship class. Generally, the fancier the better for this class! Horses are much simpler to dress. All they need is a plated halter and a leather lead rope with a chain!

How to Show in Showmanship

This video shows how to walk, jog, and set up your horse, as well as how to interact with the judge. Many great tips and tricks on how to perform a successful showmanship pattern. Special thanks to Penny McAlpine Clayton of PMC Performance Horses for the video, and Rich for being such a good sport! Also included is a video of an ACTUAL showmanship class, featured at an American Quarter Horse Association show from 2019! 

Anatomy Video and Printable Sheet

Follow along this video to learn all about the anatomy of a horse. Test your knowledge once you have completed the video (or before!) and see how much you learned, or already know! Attached is a photo of the anatomy of a horse and a printable version for you to fill in yourself. 


Click arrow on side of the image to view the answers

Anatomy Word Bank