Dog Show

MARCH 20-21


How to Teach Your Dog to Jump Over Your Leg

How to Teach Your Dog to Target

How to Teach Your Dog to Hold Things

How to Teach Your Dog to Orbit Around You

Meet the Competitors!


Olive is a year-old Golden Retriever who is handled by Kate.  Her best friend is a little “hot dog” or Miniature Dachshund with the same hair coat and colour and looks like Olive’s “mini me”. She is dressed as a nurse.

Spike is a 9-year-old Miniature Pinscher/Jack Russel cross who is handled by Janine.  Spike does not like going for walks and is much happier either sleeping all day while Janine studies or going for car rides. He is dressed as a hospitality worker.

Pixie is a 2-year-old Shish Tzu Mini Poodle cross that is handled by Bianka.  An interesting fact about Pixie is that she gets along very well with cats and loves to play with them! Pixie is dressed as an optimistic butterfly.

Summitt is a 4-year-old Husky handled by Rebeca.  Summitt and Rebeca love to go hiking, especially when it’s snowy! Summitt is dressed as a supporter.

Maverick is a 8-month-old Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever mix who is handled by Hannah.  Maverick always sits to watch/listen when planes go by overhead, which is why his name suits him so well. He is dressed as a family doctor.

Autumn is a year-old Labrador Retriever that is handled by Emma.  A fun fact about Autumn is that she loves to eat blueberries! Autumn is dressed as a fisherman.

Remy is a 3-year-old Leanberger who is handled by Hailey.  Even though Remy is a 120-pound dog, she is very gentle and will lie down when playing with smaller dogs in order to be on their level. He is dressed as a doctor.

Abby is a 2-year-old Pug who is handled by Chloe. Abby and Chloe love to watch TV, dancing to theme songs together. Abby is dressed as a nurse.

Milo is a 9-year-old Brittany Spaniel Poodle cross that is handled by Amy.  Milo and Amy love to swim in their pool and play Frisbee. Milo is dressed as a scientist.

Olive is a year-old Border Terrier who is handled by Emilie.  An interesting fact about Olive is that she would sleep in the X-ray troughs while Emilie was working. Olive is dressed as a surgeon.

Merlin is a 6-month-old Bullmastiff puppy who is handled by Lauren.  Merlin’s special ability is that every time Laruen stand’s up, even if Merlin is passed out cold, he stands up with her. He is dressed as a veterinary technician.

Echo is a 4-year-old Husky mix that is handled by Autumn.  Echo is a rescue from Manitoba and is at her best when she is on a hike with her people!

Rogue is a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever mix who is handled by Meagan.  Rogue and Megan in their free time play fetch and practice tricks and obedience. Rogue is dressed as a relaxation expert.


Mya is a 4-year old Cockapoo, handled by Keisha. An interesting fact about Mya is that her absolute favorite food is watermelon! Mya is dressed as a police officer.

Stella is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever mix who is handled by Lily.  An interesting fact about Stella is that she got stuck being born and when her mom tried to pull her out, she ripped half her nose off instead. She is dressed as a scientist.

Loki is a 3-year-old German Shepard mix who is handled by Sydney.  Loki likes to sleep on his back with all four feet in the air and sometimes he looks like a contortionist! He is dressed as a teacher.

Charlie is a 1-year old Golden Retriever who is handled by Daiana. Charlie and Daiana love to play tug & fetch, a combination game of tug of war and fetch. He is dressed as a teacher.

Octave is a 1 a year and half old yellow lab. Octave loves going swimming! If someone jumps in the pool, she’ll jump right in after them. Octave is dressed as a supporter.

Ranger is an 8-month old Australian Shepard who is handled by Daria.  Ranger knows 32 tricks and counting, he even offers sock removal services! Ranger is dressed as a farmer.

Eddie is a 2-year-old Cockapoo handled by Rebekah. Eddie has loved trick training since he was 10 weeks old, and within 2 weeks he was able to roll over before he knew how to shake a paw! Eddie is dressed as a student. 


Remi is a 10-month old English Springer Spaniel who is handled by Erin. Remi is working on her expert trick dog title through “Do More With Your Dog” and has started learning many dog sports, including; obedience, agility, conformation, and dock diving. Remi is dressed as a student.

Keesha is an 11-year-old Jack Russel cross who is handled by Connie.  Keesha’s favourite vegetable to eat is cucumber. Keesha is dressed as an eggplant.

Winter is a year-old Bearded Collie handled by Joycelynn.  Winter absolutely loves sheep and is working towards becoming a sheep herder. Winter is dressed as a postal worker.

Apollo is a 2-year-old Doberman Pinscher who is handled by Carly. Apollo is a rescue and loves playing with a spring pole. Apollo is dressed as a doctor.

Shasta is a 2-year-old Pomsky who is handled by Rebecca. Shasta‘s favourite activity is going tobogganing in the winter.  She loves to chase sleds down the hill and occasionally hops on for a ride! She is dressed as a cow.

Maverick is a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever who is handled by Keirsten. Maverick is a true retriever as when the indoor cat escapes outside … he comes to the rescue and brings her back safe and slobbery! He is dressed as a firefighter.

Rocky is a 7-year-old Blue Tick Beagle Cross handled by Launn. Rocky is an energetic, stubborn but most importantly a very lovable boy rescue who has been working very hard with Luann on performing many tricks! Rocky is dressed as a farmer.


Adler is a 4-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Toller who is handled by Laurel.  When Alder walks up, she holds her paw out as it is the law to scratch her paw. Once Laurel is done scratching it, Alder then gives her other paw so the scratches are even. Adler is dressed as a farmer.

Ella is a 6-year old Chihuahua handled by Alyssa. Ella’s favourite place in the whole world is the Arboretum at the University of Guelph, especially during the fall season when she can jump in the leaves! Ella is dressed as a veterinarian.

Mabel is a 3-year old Golden Doodle who is handled by Alicea. Mabel is a sneaky girl and when Alicea bakes goodies, Mabel enjoys sneaking muffins and cookies off the cooking rack! Mabel is dressed as a scientist.

College Royal Dog Show Results!

Mar 20, 2021 12:00 PM 

Passcode: dog

College Royal Dog Show Grand Champion Results!

Mar 21, 2021 12:00 PM 

Passcode: dog


Beginner Class Group 1:
Bianka & Pixie

Beginner Class Group 2:
Autumn & Echo

Novice Class:
Natasha & Octave

Intermediate Class:
Joycelynn & Winter

Advanced Class:
Alicea & Mabel

Congrats to our Grand Champion

Winter the Postal Worker and Joycelynn!

College Royal Dog Show is not the only type of activity you can participate in with your dog. There are a variety of different dog sports for everyone!

The Importance of Participating in Dog Sports: 

  • Spend time with and improve your bond with your dog
  • Mentally stimulates them and provides an outlet for their high energy levels
  • Keeps them healthy

Different Types of Dog Sports: 

  • Obedience
    • Hamilton Dog Obedience Club –
  • Agility
    • Agility Association of Canada –
  • Scentwork
    • Sporting Detection Dogs Association –
    • Scentral Ontario Trackers –
  • Flyball
    • North American Flyball Association –
  • Dock Diving
    • Ontario Dock Dogs –
  • Rally
    • Canadian Association of Rally Obedience –
  • Trick Titles
    • Do More With Your Dog –
  • Bikejoring
    • Yours Outdoor –
    • Mush Larose –
  • Sledding
    • Ontario Federation of SledDog Sports –
  • Field Trials
    • National Retriever Club of Canada –
  • Herding
    • Working & Herding Club of Southern Ontario
  • And many many more!!
    • To find more clubs and dog sports check out and


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