Dance Showcase

MARCH 20-21


Saturday March 2oth 11 – 11:30 AM 
Sunday MArch 21st 1 – 1:30 PM
StreaMING live dance classes

Here at the University of Guelph we offer a wide variety of dance programs for anyone to participate in! In the past, the dance showcase is a way for students to come and show their skills in a recital of various routines practiced throughout the semesters. Although we couldn’t have a square dance competition this year, check out our blast from the past of sets who have graced our competition floors!


Come join us for a jazz class running from 11-11:30 AM on Saturday, March 20, and 1-1:30 PM on Sunday, March 21 for some great exercise!

Meeting ID: 952 1532 7442
Passcode: dance

Meeting ID: 955 0028 8194
Passcode: dance

If you want to catch a glimpse at what our dance show usually looks like, click the video above for a routine from last year’s show!

For our beginner dancers or simply lovers of Tik Tok, this one’s for you! Click on this video to learn the dance to a popular Tik Tok song: Say So by Doja Cat

Here at the University of Guelph we love everything agriculture! This includes a past favourite of College Royal; Square Dancing! Click this video to watch College Royal Square-dancing sets from the past

All square dancing videos are brought to you courtesy of Long Chung





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