Wildlife Club

MARCH 20-21


The University of Guelph Wildlife Club (WLC) is a group of likeminded students with a passion for all subjects’ wildlife and nature, naturally! We welcome members from all disciplines. The WLC promotes outreach and public education through partnership with local organizations such as Sciensational Sssnakes!!, Wild Ontario and the Guelph Field Naturalists. Annually we host many trips and field outings including, but not limited to, camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park, behind the scenes at the Toronto Zoo and a winter weekend camping trip to the Wildlife Research Station in Algonquin Park, along with a great deal of opportunistic birding, herping (reptiles and amphibians), and bugging. With a rich history and close-knit alumni community, the WLC presents no shortage of networking, volunteer, employment, and overall learning opportunities. If you have any further questions or would like to reach out, please don’t hesitate to join our Facebook page and check out our website!