Aniimal Biology Association

MARCH 20-21


The Animal Biology Student Association has been set in place to provide BSc(ABIO) students at the University of Guelph with a variety of extracurricular learning and social activities in areas related to the Animal Biology major. The ABSA is working hard to promote pride and a sense of community as well as to build unity between the Animal Biology major and the rest of the OAC. The ABSA executive also acts on behalf of the BSc(ABIO) students on committees within the University and the local community.
The study of animal biology covers many different types of animals and purposes of animals, from chickens laying eggs to dogs competing in agility. We hope the variety of our activities have encompassed even a small portion of what this field entails. Please enjoy this video of the best agility dogs from the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and think about how nutrition, genetics, reproduction, exercise, and quality of care all contributed to these dogs achieving such amazing feats. We hope you have fun at the other pages of this year’s College Royal!”

University of Guelph Animal Interest Network (UGAIN)

UGAIN strives to provide relevant animal-related information to those interested in learning about the welfare of animals. This is done through weekly meetings with a topic to promote discussion after presentations. UGAIN also provides the opportunity to experience the different animal industries through trips to facilities (farms, production plants, etc.) in order to provide experience and knowledge to those interested.

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