MARCH 20-21


Saturday March 20th 10AM – 4PM
Sunday March 21st 12PM – 3PM 

Discover the mind-blowing world of Nanoscience! Since we’ve gone virtual this year, many of our crowd-favorite demonstrations such as Quantum Levitation and Hydrophobic Canvas will be filmed and posted on our new YouTube channel. Talk to Nanoscience Club members over live chat and learn about the science behind our crazy Memory Nitinol Wire demo and our 2019 College Royal debuted Acoustic Levitation, plus much more! Learn about how a superconductor levitates on a magnetic track, or even better, learn how to make your own Nanoscience demos at home with help from our club members!

2019 Second Place College Royal Club Winners

Debuting the new Acoustic Levitation at the 2019 College Royal, where water droplets and styrofoam is seen floating using sound waves!


Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 12pm-3pm 

Nanoscience club members will be present to answer questions and talk about the Nanoscience program and club.