College of Arts Student Union

MARCH 20-21


Saturday March 20th 9AM – 5PM
Sunday March 21st 9AM – 5PM

Our focus is representing the concerns of undergraduate students in the College of Arts to the University of Guelph community, planning relevant academic and social events, and participating in larger student-driven initiatives on campus. Participating in CASU is a fantastic opportunity to network within the University and get involved with your college!
Over the typical school year, CASU hosts many events for Arts students. Beginning with Orientation Week, CASU welcomes incoming students with the College Lunch, our annual Tie Dye event, and several collaborative ventures. Arts Pubs are also popular events and held each semester. Additional programming includes Career Nights, where students have a chance to interact with Arts alumni, movie nights, academic-focused events, and our annual Build-A-Band event which is a great way for student performers to showcase their talents. CASU Clubs also hold their own events throughout the school year.
During this unusual year, CASU and the student organizations in the College of Arts have held several events, many with great prizes! Netflix Parties, Online Coffee Houses, Trivia with prizes and poetry readings have been very successful and help engage students with their college and with faculty.


Chat with us at this zoom link 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday on the 20th and 21st