Chemistry And Biochemistry Club

MARCH 20-21


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Saturday March 20th 10AM – 3PM
Sunday March 21st 10AM – 3PM

Come discover your inner mad scientist with The Chemistry and Biochemistry club! We’re a close-knit group for people in all majors! We perform a wide variety of cool and fun experiments such as silver-plating and flash powder. We also put on performances for elementary students (Let’s Talk Science) to get them into chemistry by showing off some of our favourite experiments. The Chem club even had a field trip last year (2019) to see Bill Nye perform!  You do not need to be a chemistry or STEM major to join, just have an interest in science! 

Chem Club’s performance at Let’s Talk Science 2019


We’re having a drop in chat with members of the club where we will show off some of our favourite experiments from the past, potential future events and discuss/give advice for first year chemistry at the University of Guelph. We hope to get you excited for chemistry while giving you a head start for the coming year. Come join us and meet some new friends at the university!

Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 10am-3pm 

Passcode: 7UqH5C