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Events – Art Show – Paintings

Winter on Hopewell Rocks by Wendy Capp

Grace by Elaine Bryck

Hare by Elaine Bryck

Proud by Elaine Bryck

Bertha by Riley Bauman

Pinkie Pie by Alex Schmaltz

Girl With Pearl Hoop Earrings by Alex Schmaltz

90s Seizure by Alex Schmaltz

Sleepy Head by Alex Schmaltz

Strange Tides by Alex Schmaltz

Heavy Hearted by Alex Schmaltz

Painting by Briana Renda

Determination by Sophia Lago

Devilish Woman by Nia Ehrenberg

Finding Myself by Stefani Riley

First Excursion Cottontail by Scott Johnstone

Micky Mouse by Shama Yogidas

Old University Nocturne by Scott Johnstone

Quiet Harbour by Scott Johnstone

Sunflowers by Lina Cooke

Sunset Silhouette Mallard Pair by Scott Johnstone

Painting White Breasted Nuthatch by Scott Johnstone

Sea, Sand and the Celestial Dreams by Erum Abdullah

Let the Water Run by Wendy Capp

7 Mile by Lina Cooke

Painting by Traci Maxwell

Abstract by Avery Quesnel

Balance by York Chen

Bedhead Melodrama by Celia Petcon

Camouflage by Maria Isabel Fleury

Deep into the Forest by Maria Isabel Fleury

Denied by Traci Maxwell

Ella by Alyssa Falcao

Family Portrait by Mary-Anne Johnstone

Fergus Pool by Laura Dirk

Golden Subset by Maria Isabel Fleury

Honeymoon by Brianna Latimer

Horseshoe Valley by Kyle Sorensen

Huan by York Chen

Jamaica Soon Come by Lina Cook

Kim Nam-Joon by Mayuri Sivakumaran

King Crow Spreading Wildfire by Malik Holligan-Lewis

La-Pieta by Alyssa Falcao

Lavender Field by Lina Cooke

Lighthouse by Isi Ferg

Long Cats by Sheyda Mostafazadeh

Princess Swet Pea by Mary-Anne Johnston

Floral by Mayuri Sivakumaran

RBG by Traci Maxwell

River by Traci Maxwell

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Sapphire by Malik Holligan-Lewis

Seeds of Change by Laura Dirk

Spinning Starts by Kirti Singla

Suncats by Laura Dirk

Sunflowers by Lina Cooke

Brave and Powerful by Olivia Mellary

Sunrise by Larua Dirk

Tulips by Lina Cooke

Waddyalookingat by Mary-Anne Johnston

Wildflowers by Lina Cooke

Winston by Mary-Anne Johnstone

Winter Walk by Laura Dirk

Yayoi by Traci Maxwell

Fall Forest by Maria Isabel Fleury

Winter Birches by Maria Isabel Fleury

Yellow Birches by Maria Isabel Fleury

Yellow Sunset by Maria Isabel Fleury

Girl With Mask by Brianna Latimer

Cooking With Love by Tiffani Clarke

Looking Up by Tiffani Clarke

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Stand Tall by Tiffani Clarke

Dried Fruit Still Life by Celia Petconi

Go With The Flow by Larissa Kouroukis

Baby Cherries by Larissa Kouroukis

Modern Athena by Natasha Beudoin

Modern Medusa by Natasha Beaudoin

Modern Venus by Natasha Beudoin

Mother's Day Flowers by Larissa Kouroukis

My Favourite Fruits by Larissa Kouroukis

Reflections by Celia Petconi

The Richest Crown by Malik Holligan-Lewis

Boar Goat by Riley Bauman

Old is Gold by Rani Satpute

Cartoon Billie by Nia Ehrenberg

Poetry of Space by Olivia Mellary

Trust by Olivia Mellary

Portrait of a Mobile Home by Natasha Banks

Crowned by Natasha Banks

Black on Red by Tiffany Clarke

Earth Mother, Mother Earth by Aurora Black

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