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(T)E(N)D(E)(R) By Tahmina Giasi

Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Lara Hann

Bruin the Golden Doodle by Lara Hann

Crowned by Natasha Banks

Firebird by Angel Gratton

Norbert by Angel Gratton

Patterned Peacock by Nia Ehrenberg

Peonies by Jada Doucette

Portrait of A Mobile Home by Natasha Banks

Prowl by Angel Gratton

Raccoon in Flowers by Nia Ehrenberg

Royalty by Angel Gratton

The Sorting Hat by Lara Hann

Things in Life by Tiffany Yau

Aphrodite’s Statue - Ancient Greece by Larissa Kouroukis

Charcoal Classic Porche GT3 By Larissa Kouroukis

The Death of Laoön And His Sons By Larissa Kouroukis

By Larissa Kouroukis

Caique By Olivia Schenk

One-Is-Not-Like-The-Other By Malik Holligan Lewis

Paparazzi by Malik Holligan Lewis

Wild West Vinyl by Brianna Latimer

Old-Soul by Jano Nasr

One of a Kind By Jano Nasr

Beauty-queen-of-my-heart by Jano Nasr

Building-Perspective by Britney Annan

Face-Study by Britney Annan

My-1-and-Only by Jano Nasr

The-4-H-Show-Champion by Sadie Jane Hickson

The-winged-victory-of-Samothrace-Study by Britney Annan

Portrait by Erica Vong

Venus-De-Milo-Studyby Britney Annan

Scion FRS 2015 by Olivia Schenk

Cigar-Fox by Olivia Schenk

Midterms by Olivia Schenk

Studio Ghibli Donuts by Mayuri Sivakumaran

Portrait by Aurora Black

Portrait by Aurora Black

Portrait by Aurora Black

Portrait by Aurora Black

Portrait by Aurora Black

Winnie-The-Pooh by Kirti Singla

Pen-Art-Hand by Lara Hann

Mabel-in-Fall by Olivia Schenk

Double Horned Girl by Nia Ehrenberg

Girls by Brianna Latimer

Thirteen by Olivia Mellary

Vogue by Olivia Mellary

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