the pig pen

MARCH 20-21


And on that farm, he had a pig.

Types of pig farms

Farrow to Finish: Includes all stages of pig growth until they are market weight.

Farrow to Nursery: Raise pigs from breeding until they are feeder pigs.

Farrow to Wean: Raise pigs from breeding until they are weaned.

Wean to Finish: Raise pigs from the time they are weaned until they are market weight

Finishing Farms: Raising pigs to market weight from farrow to nursery farms.

fun fact

The phrase “sweat like a pig” is not correct because pigs do not have sweat glands!

Instead, they will roll in the mud to keep cool.

Key Terms

Piglet: A young pig who has not been weaned

Weaner: A pig who has recently been separated from their mother

Boar/Hog: Male pig of breeding age

Barrow: A male pig who has been castrated before puberty

Gilt: A young female pig who has not had a litter of piglets

Sow: A breeding female pig