MARCH 20-21


And on that farm, he had a goat.

What are goats used for?

• Milk (milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, yogurt)
• Pets
• Fur (wool, long guard hairs)
• Land clearance (by eating the vegetation!)

Fun Facts

  • Female goats will usually give birth to twins!
  • Goats have rectangular pupils!

Goat Behaviour

Goats are social animals! They form groups called trips and many enjoy pets from humans.

Goats are very agile! They are good at climbing and balancing on small ledges. This is because they are descended from mountain goats, who needed these skills to get up and down the mountains.

Goats are smart! They are very curious animals, who like to explore and investigate unfamiliar surroundings and objects.

Key Terms

Kid: A young goat

Doe: A female goat

Wether: A male goat that has been castrated

Buck: A male goat that is intact

Trip: A group of goats


Unlike cattle and sheep who are grazers, goats are browsers. This means that they like to eat leaves, soft shoots and woody plants.

Goats are picky eaters and will use their lips to search for food that they want to eat.

On a farm, goats can be fed forages, hay, barley, pellets, distilled grains, corn, etc.

Salt licks may also be given to goats for additional enrichment.