Clipping Competition

MARCH 20-21



The clipping competition is where individuals prepare their animals for a show. This is typically called “fitting for a show”. The show animals receive a spa day which includes a bath, blow dry and a haircut. It is important for the fitter to make their animal look the best they can in a show ring!

To learn how to fit dairy and beef cows

Follow the links below

Thank you to Wes Haggins and Brent Sayles for the demonstration how to fit a dairy heifer. Thanks to Erica Sayles for the video edit.

Thank you to Kent Ribey for putting together a presentation on the steps required to fit a beef cow for a show.

Clipping Competition winners

Thank you to all the participants of the Dairy and Beef fitting show this year. Below are the placings from the Judges. 

Dairy Show

Dairy Judge – Collin Allardyce

1st Place

Jack Melia

2nd Place

Mikayla Ringelberg

3rd Place

Emily Danen

Beef show

Beef Judge: Scott Martin

1st Place

Kyle Farquharson