Canadian Intercollegiate Judging Competition

MARCH 20-21


Overall placings

1st: Shelby DeSmet

2nd: Kaylee Wells

3rd: Gary Oxby

4th: Mikayla Ringelberg

5th: Monique Baan

6th; Emily Deklein

7th: Mary Brander

8th: Josh Brander

9th: Debbie Oxby

10th: Wayne Gayman

Congratulations to our top judges, all competitors did a great job and we appreciate your participation!

Thank you to all our participants. It was amazing to see the tradition carry on even if we couldn’t host you in person! This competition would not be possible without the College Royal executive as a whole and especially the advertising and booklet team. Thank you to the officers for their help organizing such an event and especially Matt Lange. This competition wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the CIJC assistant Sarah Hendricks. Huge thank you to all of our judges for making this possible, volunteering your time and effort. We really appreciate all the help and effort that was put in by everyone!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank last year’s sponsors who contributed to this year’s competition as an extension of last year’s cancelation. Thank you: Sunderland Co-op, Wallenstein feed and Supply, Eastgen, OAC class of 2022 and 2020, and Chris Gwyn. We appreciate all of your contributions, big and small.

Jade St Peter
CIJC director

Overall Crops placings

1st: Mary Brander
2nd: Shelby DeSmet
3rd: Kaylee wells
4th: Josh Brander
5th: Mikayla Ringelberg

corn silage

1st: Shelby DeSmet
2nd: Gary Oxby
3rd: Mary Brander


1st: Debbie Oxby
2nd: Wayne Gayman
3rd: Elizabeth Creighton 


1st: Emily Deklein
2nd: Shae Wasyliw
3rd: Kaylee Wells


1st: Monique Baan
2nd: Grace Dudgeon
3rd: Carley Young

Photography Reasons:


The judge for photography preferred written reasons so these are the reason for the photography class by Bridgitte.

I place this photography class 3-4-1-2 with cuts being 1-3-2.

3 comes to the class quite hardly as it is the clearest, defined subject matter, colour vibrance and it is more eye appealing.

4 follows in closely in the second spot as in my opinion it could be more crisp as an image, but arguably the colours may be more eye appealing compared. tothe first place photo.

Photo number 1 comes in third. Although the mountain in the photo is a great focal point, the image as a whole could show better colouring and be cropped in tighter to the mountain.

Rounding out the photography class is image number 2. There is no focal point to this image and the mountains are not very crisp.

For there reason I place this class 3-4-1-2.


1st: Gary Oxby
2nd: Shelby DeSmet
3rd: Ethan Ringelberg

Overall Livestock placings

1st: Emily Deklein
2nd: Shelby DeSmet
3rd: Gary Oxby
4th: Kaylee Wells
5th: Mikayla Ringelberg


1st: Sam Kennedy
2nd: Emily Deklein
3rd: Wayne Gayman

beef sire selection

The below 6-year-old Hereford cow calved this Spring, having an 83-pound bull calf. The owner is now looking at possible bulls to breed her too. Ideally, he is wishing for a heifer to retain in his herd. However, if the future calf is a bull, it will be steered and kept to be fed on the farms feedlot. Please choose from the below 4 sires, ranking the ideal bulls for the cow to be bread too.

1st: Emily Deklein
2nd: Shelby DeSmet
3rd: Wesley Knierim 


1st: Gary Oxby
2nd: Janet Ringelberg
3rd: Sam Kennedy

Replacement Ewes

1st: Monique Baan
2nd: Owen Dudgeon
3rd: Mikayla Ringelberg

2nd Lactation Dairy Cows

1st: Colby Young
2nd: Christina Knox
3rd: Wayne Gayman

Quiz answers: 





1.     W 

1. lambsquarter 

1. parsley 

1. rabbit 

2.     V 

2. pigweed 

2. mint 

2 buffalo 

3.     A 

3. crabgrass 

3. dill 

3. dog 

4.     U 

4. Yellow nutsedge 

4. sage 

4. racoon 

5.     T 

5. Thistle 

5. rosemary 

5. possum 

6.     C 

6. curled dock 

6. thyme 

6. goat  

7.     S 

7. chickweed 

7.cilantro/ coriander 


8.     D 

8. shepheards purse 

8. fenel 

8. camel 

9.     E 

9. common mallow 

9. chamomile 

9. cow 

10.  R 

10. Purple Loosestrife 

10. terragon 

10. yak 

11.  F 

11. Wild Carrot 

11. lavender 


12.  P 

12. Stinging nettle 

12. chives 

12. horse 

13.  G 

13. Ragweed 

13. bay leaves 


14.  Q 

14. goldenrod 

14. chervil 

14. emu 

15.  O 

15. chicory 

15 stevia 

15 alpaca 

16.  K 

16. canary grass 

16 lemongrass 

16. deer 

17.  H 

17. Wild buckwheat 

17 oragano 

17. mink 

18.  I 

18. silvery cinquefoil 

18 tumeric 

18. goose 

19.  L 

19. red clover 

19 cumin 

19. tortoise 

20.  J 

No image 

20 paprika 

20. fox