Food Science Club

MARCH 20-21


Saturday March 20th 9AM – 5PM
Sunday March 21st 9AM – 5PM

Food Science focuses on the chemistry, microbiology, engineering, sensory analysis and overall creation of new and exciting food products. People who graduate with a Food Science degree can go into so many areas, such as developing new food products, enhancing the quality and functionality of foods, and even creating food machinery. We in the Food Science Club bring together our love for food and our passion for science all in one place! We hold bi-weekly meetings where we come together, eat great food and learn about Food Science from all different kinds of people in the industry, from salespeople to past CEOs! Join our live chat to learn more about Food Science from our knowledgeable club members!
The Dairy Innovation (Food Science) Building then vs now! So much has changed!
The product development kitchen in the Food Science Building! In this room, food science students work hard to create prototypes of their food product concepts!
Some of our exec members posing with our “Best College Royal Display” ribbons. Did you know that we’ve been making milkshakes for College Royal as far back as 1987? Pretty sweet!
Our hardworking club members making homemade ice-cream which we use to create our famous milkshakes for College Royal!
Our amazing club members working on our “Canonfire Hot Sauce”, an amazing product that Food Science students helped to develop and produce! Also, we source our hot peppers and garlic from the on-campus Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming, pretty cool right?
The beer making laboratory in the Food Science Building! At the end of the semester, we get to taste the beer we brewed and learn how to distinguish flavour aspects and defects!


With an Experiment at 1pm Each Day!

During the live chat we will have volunteer members available to answer questions about Food Science, they will also have some fun food science trivia questions handy! For the Saturday “experiment” we will be running a “How do they do that?” on ice cream. For the Sunday “experiment” we will be running an experiment about pH and how changing the pH of a solution can change its colour! We will be using cabbage water and adding various pH altering substances that will allow for a stunning colour change!

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 9am-5pm