0AC Sheep and Goat Club

MARCH 20-21


Saturday March 20th 10AM – 3PM
Sunday March 21st 10AM – 3PM

Welcome to the Sheep and Goat Club Page! As a sub-organization of the Ontario Agriculture College, we strive to reach students in all undergraduate programs with an interest in these oh-so-cuddly small ruminants. We have a growing following of future industry leaders that participate in farm tours, butcher workshops, live presentations and community education (such as College Royal). Check out some of this year’s club activities and more information about the industry below. We hope everyone enjoys the weekend!
The pandemic has allowed us to invite a world class butcher, Jamie Waldron to demonstrate to our club how to butcher a lamb carcass! Check it out on his Instagram Live Channel….
Watch a presentation from one of our guest speakers this year! They have an innovative operation that combines solar energy and sheep grazing!
Ever wondered what a sheep farm really looks like? Or how to shear a sheep? The following videos will guide you in an immersive production experience:

Want to support the industry with your purchase and meal habits? You may enjoy some of these goat and sheep-themed recipes!

If you are still hungry for more information, take a peek at these resources and do not hesitate to reach out via email with any questions


Feel free to stop by and tap into our club members’ unique passions and knowledge of sheep and goats. We are also happy to discuss the Ontario Agriculture College, career and research opportunities in this field and how our club is adjusting its delivery during these unusually challenging times. Bring your questions and if we don’t know the answer, we will be sure to find someone who does!

Saturday 10am-3pm and Sunday 10am-3pm: